Privacy Policy

To comply with mandatory General Data Protection Regulations, I am a member of the ICO and adhere to their requirements regarding client privacy.

I keep brief hand-written notes on each client session and these are stored anonymously and securely in a locked cabinet.  The purpose of these notes is to keep a short record of what has been discussed.  Each set of notes is kept for 5 years and will then be safely destroyed.  Clients can have access to these notes, if requested in writing, and have the right to erase any content within.

Clients can be assured that no data will be passed on to anyone unless they disclose that they are at immediate risk of subjecting serious harm to themselves or others, or if there is a legal requirement, ie if there is an act of terrorism or a court order.

If there is any written contact between us by text or email, it will be deleted as soon as it has been dealt with.

Finally, I do have monthly supervision and will discuss some of my clients with my supervisor, but this is done anonymously and there is no written account of that meeting.  Supervision is a requirement of my professional body, the BACP, to uphold ethical practice.